May 4-8: Star Wars

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Monday, May 4: Selfie Scavenger Hunt! Sponsored by Cottage Grove Piggly Wiggly
  • While getting outside and staying active in Cottage Grove, take a selfie with as many of the pictured items on the key that you can find.
  • Submit all your selfies to by midnight on Thursday, May 7.
  • The person who has the most selfies with the pictured items will win the challenge. In the event of a tie, names will be drawn out of a hat to determine a winner.
  • Winner will be revealed Friday for a $10 gift card to the Piggly Wiggly in CG!
Don't miss the METEOR SHOWER tonight! Keep an eye out for the Aquariids meteor shower that will be taking place and is expected to peak in activity tonight or tomorrow night!
Selfie Scavenger Hunt
Tuesday, May 5: This or That
  • This activity is on our Facebook page!
  • This or That

Normal Chewbacca?

This or That Normal Chewbacca

Will Ferrell Chewbacca

This or That Will Ferrell Chewbacca
Wednesday, May 6: Build a Lightsaber
  • Click HERE to learn how to build a lightsaber!
  • Create a lightsaber from materials you find in your home.
  • Share a picture of it with us! 

Thursday, May 7: Star Wars Themed Snacks
  • Click HERE to find some creative Star Wars snacks!
  • Pick your favorite snacks to make and share with us.

Friday, May 8: Watch Your Favorite Star Wars Movie!
  • What's your favorite movie? Family Movie Night!!