May 18-22: Flying Into Summer

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Monday, May 18: Fan Favorite Recipes!
  • Make your favorite recipe (can be anything - dinner, desserts, apps, etc.) and take 1-2 pictures of the end result.
  • Submit the recipe and pictures to by 11:59 pm on Wednesday
  • Voting will take place Thurs-Fri at 10AM.
  • Winner will be revealed Friday around Noon and the CG Community Recipe Book will be released!

Tuesday, May 19: Bird Community Scavenger Hunt
  • Color a picture of a bird or cut a bird out of paper.
  • Put the bird up in your window and take a walk in your neighborhood to find as many birds as you can find!

Wednesday, May 20: DIY Pine Cone Bird Feeder
  • Gather your materials of a pine cone, string, peanut butter and birdseed.
  • Click HERE to follow the instructions!
  • Share your creation with us on Facebook!
Thursday, May 21: DIY Obstacle Course
  • Get your family outside and create your own obstacle course!
  • Be creative and try different styles of obstacle courses found HERE.
  • Share your courses with us on Facebook!

Friday, May 22: Cottage Grove Cook Book Release!
  • Check out the cook book on Facebook around noon.
  • Make a new dish from the cook book and share your creations with us!